Carpet Cleaning Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Carpet – Part 2

In the last blog we discussed the importance of vacuuming as a way to prolong the life of your carpeting. This time we will talk about the dreaded carpet stain. Sometimes you will have a stain so horrific, you will be ready to throw in the towel. Not so fast there! Even in the worst scenario (white carpet/red wine), it is not a lost cause just yet. Here are some important tips when dealing with a stain on your carpet:

  1. Be quick about it. Don’t cry over spilled milk…..or wine or whatever assaulted your beautiful carpet. Deal with it as soon as possible. Don’t allow the stain to set.
  2. If there are any solids involved (think meatballs), pick those up first being careful not to dig into the stain. Use a light, skimming motion to remove excess spillage.
  3. Once you have carefully removed what you can, find a dry, white cloth and place it over the spill and press straight down. Do not scrub or do any other side to side movement, as this will spread the stain. In this step, we are trying to absorb the liquid causing the stain.
  4. Get a fresh, white cloth and wet it with water only. Many times, stains can be removed with just water when done properly! Blot the area, being sure to use a fresh cloth or clean side of the cloth frequently. Always work from the border of the stain into the middle, as not to spread the stain. This may take several tries before it seems to be gone.
  5. Use a white, dry towel to again absorb as much as the dirty water up as possible. You can also use a fan to help speed up the drying process. The spot will appear darker than the rest of your carpet because it is wet. Wait until the spot is completely dry before determining whether further action is required.
  6. If after the spot is dry, you feel that it could use some more work, try using the same steps above with the white cloth, but with club soda. Another solution to lift the stain would be white vinegar mixed with water. Again, making sure to blot and not scrub the area.

If these tricks do not seem to work, you are always welcome to call Joe, the owner and operator of A Kleener Image. Joe offers carpet cleaning phone support! How cool is that? You won’t find a more giving business owner! He will give you advice to remedy the stain so he DOES NOT have to make a call to your home. Customer service at its finest! Call him today with your carpet challenge! 440-785-1545