There is no sitting on the fence for this one. You either live in a no shoe house or an anything goes house. How do you know? Well, does your mom great everyone at the door with a casual nod toward the pile of shoes? Or maybe she even has a sign posted by the door saying, “Please take off shoes.”

Moms who have a no shoe policy are on to something that we professional carpet cleaners have been saying for years. Outside shoes are bad for carpet…not to mention pretty gross. Here are some reasons you might want to change your ways.


Oils– Vehicles and machinery leak oil from time to time. So if you are walking on driveways, parking lots and roads, chances are you are walking through oil stains or puddles. When you wear your shoes in the house, that oil gets transferred to your carpets. This can cause staining.

Fecal Matter– Let’s get straight to the point. Fecal matter is one of the worst things you can have tracked into your house…dog, human or otherwise. We aren’t just talking about walking in your yard, getting your dog’s waste on your shoe and walking into your living room; feces is everywhere and not always obvious. All you have to do is walk into a public restroom stall to pick up these germs to bring back to your carpet.

Dirt and Dust– Because carpet has fibers, it is a natural magnet for dirt and dust. Much of the dirt and dust around your house and in the air will settle into the nooks and crannies of the carpet fibers; that’s why it is so important to have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Now imagine you are bringing in extra dirt and dust by wearing outdoor shoes on your carpet. This can also exacerbate allergies and illness.


So what’s the lesson in all of this? For the longevity of your carpet and the health of your family, it is best to take those shoes off at the door!

Calling your local carpet cleaning professionals for service is the best way to ensure your carpet isn’t hiding any potential hazards to your family. Contact A Kleener Image today for a fast and friendly quote at 440-785-1545.