Area rugs are great.

They transform the ambiance of a room, hallway or staircase.

They provide that essential coziness to a home, and most of all, they give personality and style to an environment.

However, they do require a lot of maintenance as they are usually trudged on a lot. If you don’t take care of them they wear easily.

If you do take care of them, though, they can last decades. It’s up to you!

Remember these tips if you really appreciate your area rug!


#1: Know your area rug

Area rugs come in all different shapes, fabrics, and sizes. The type of care it requires will vary vastly depending on those factors. You can damage your rug by cleaning it the wrong way, so be sure you know what you are dealing with.

Read the labels and do research on the procedures that are appropriate for taking care of and cleaning your particular rug. Depending on the source, advice may vary.

That said, there are measures you can take to take care of your rug that you can’t go wrong with and do apply to all types.

#2: Vacuum

It’s easy to forget or to procrastinate, but you do have to vacuum regularly. Vacuum once a month at the very least, and do it on both sides.

This will prevent dust and filth from permeating the rug and gradually changing its tone or even color – the longer you leave it, the harder it is to remove. It will also prevent grit and grime from wearing it out.

Be careful when vacuuming the fringes – if done harshly it can start to undo the weaving.

#3: Brush your rugs 

Area rugs and pets are a tough combination. If you have pets you have to take extra care of your area rug. They really are like magnets for hairs – both human and animal.

To prevent having an area rug made of hairs, get a large and appropriately rigid hand brush. You must get on your hands and knees to do the brushing regularly. Once a week is a good guideline. The brush should be moist, you can dip it in water and shake the water off well (just damp).

If you do leave it for half a year or more, you will be shocked at how much hair comes out and how much work it takes to get it all out.

#4: Try to prevent constant sunlight exposure

If your area rug is in a location that it receives constant sunlight, the UV rays will change the color gradually.

Limit exposure to the light when possible.

#5: Small area rugs are easier to take care of

Small area rugs are a little easier to maintain. Try to do all the following on a monthly basis: shake them or beat them outside to get dust out, brush them to get the hairs out, wash them on a (preferably concrete) floor with shampoo and a garden hose, and rinse well (any chemicals left in it can damage it, especially when exposed to sunlight as well) and make sure they are completely dry before placing back on the floor, otherwise you’ll get mold for sure.

#6: Learn about stains

When it comes to stains, generally speaking, the faster you tend to them the easier or more feasible it is to remove them – don’t let them settle in.

Do research. Stains are a vast topic involving a lot of laws of chemistry and physics. You don’t have to read textbooks on these subjects but look up how to treat the type of stain you have, as the optimum methods for each one can be very different to the next, and what works for, say, ketchup, may worsen a stain of, say, wine.

Most stains are removable with the right methods. But sometimes, no matter what you do there will be a trace left – that can only be solved by professionals.

#7: If you’re serious about conserving your rug and keeping it looking good, hiring a professional is the best option

Especially for large area rugs. Save time and your back. Nowadays, it’s easy to contract a professional cleaning service for your carpets and area rugs (hint, hint: A Kleener Image).

They will carry out procedures that you just can’t, use equipment and products that would be silly of you to invest in yourself, and do a great job – giving you peace of mind knowing that the job has been done adequately.


In summary, take good care of your area rugs to ensure years of use. Area rugs require special care; hire the professionals. Call A Kleener Image at 440-785-1545.