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Professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Brecksville, Ohio

We have many loyal customers in Brecksville; a lot of pleasant and friendly people reside in this area and we are fortunate to help them with their floor care maintenance. If you asked a fellow Brecksville resident why they use A Kleener Image as their preferred floor professionals, they would probably give you some of these reasons:

    • 1.”They work magic on stains and spills.”
      We hear this all of the time in our field of work. But it is no magic really. It is the special training and experience we have that actually gets those pesky stains out of your carpet.
    • 2. “They made my grout lines white again.”
      We never get tired of hearing this. So many people struggle to whiten their grout lines, using store-bought cleaning agents with minimal results. Save that money and elbow grease and call us.
    • 3. “They made my tile floor look brand new.”
      Again, not magic, just our special technology that lifts the years of dirt out of the dimples and pores of your tile floor. Many people make the mistake of thinking they need to do a costly flooring replacement project, when all they really need is a deep down clean that we can provide.
    • 4. “It’s like this couch never belonged to a smoker.”
      Did you inherit a beautiful, antique couch from your grandma, but she was a smoker? Or maybe you got a great deal on a Craig’s List couch just to get it home and smell the stench of cigarette smoke. Not a problem. Our upholstery cleaning system revives and restores pieces of furniture and makes past odors virtually disappear.
    • 5. “They came back after my son dropped a duck egg in the house after carpet cleaning.”
      With our fabulous 30 day warranty, even new spots or spills are covered! All you have to do is call us up and we will gladly come back to take care of your problem.
    • 6. “They got my rental ready for my new tenants.”
      Are you a landlord who was left with a mess? Or maybe you just want to clean your rental up for your new lessees? We are diligent in getting your property renter ready. Leave the floors to us.
    • 7.”Joe will know how to treat this stain.”
      Who’s Joe? Joe is our owner and operator. He is an expert in his field and offers phone support to his clients for when they find themselves in the midst of a mess.
    • 8. “Getting my carpets professionally cleaned really helped with my allergies.”
      Allergens hide deep in our carpet fibers where vacuums and store rental machines cannot reach. A job like that needs the full suction power of our commercial grade equipment.

We are proud to serve the Brecksville and Hinckley area and look forward to giving you your fast and friendly quote. Call us today 440-785-1545