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Professional Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Valley City, Ohio

Did you know that Valley City is the oldest settlement in Medina County? Well, it is and dates back to 1810! It is a beautiful area and one of our county’s best kept secrets. Looking for something to do in Valley City? The annual Frog Jump Festival takes place every August and according to city officials, its purpose is to bring families together to do something fun. That sounds great to us because here at A Kleener Image, we think family time is of the utmost importance.

Here are some other things about our company that you may not know:

    • 1. We are owner-operated.
      A Kleener Image was founded by Joe Orcutt in 2008. He still works the business and enjoys answering the phones. Joe is always striving for excellence.


    • 2. We offer state-of-the-art tile and grout cleaning services.
      We don’t just do carpets (although, we are really good at them!). We also do tile and grout cleaning. So many people think using a mop or a Swiffer cleans their floors and then they get discouraged when they don’t see much of a difference when they are done. Unfortunately, we know it is because those types of tools only push the dirt around. The key to the process is removing the dirt, which those tools are not made to do. We have commercial-grade equipment that lifts the embedded dirt from your floors. And after it is all shiny and clean, we can even seal it for you as a preventative measure.


    • 3. We save couches from the curb.
      Just when you think it is over and it’s time to say goodbye to your beloved couch, we can swoop in and save the day. Again, when store-bought products just don’t give you the “resolve” you are looking for, it’s time to call us. We have equipment that revives fabric and lifts odors deep down in the fibers. Put down the couch and pick up the phone!


    • 4. We are first choice by local businesses.
      We have established some great professional relationships over the years. We are thankful that some of our clients are business owners. It is a high compliment when a good business owner recognizes another good business owner. Companies trust us to come in during off hours and leave the premises better than it was found.


    • 5. We offer phone support.
      How many businesses do you know who will try and help you solve your problem over the phone? We offer phone support to our customers. What does this mean? If your teenagers accidentally wear their cleats in the house and track mud and grass through your living room, you can pick up the phone and call us. We will give you our expert advice on how to handle the mess, so we don’t have to come out (crazy, right?)!


There are many highlights about A Kleener Image that you will come to learn as we build a relationship with you. If you are thinking it is time to freshen up those floors, give us a call for a no-obligation quote today at 440-785-1545

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