Did you know that a properly cleaned carpet could last up to twice as long? It is true! The reason carpet can seem to be disposable these days, has not as much to do with the quality, as it does the care of the carpet. Here are a few carpet cleaning tricks to prolong the life of your carpets:

1. Make sure you remove dirt regularly. That’s right…vacuum. Simple, right? When you walk on dirty carpet, you are grinding the dirt into the carpet fibers which damages them. This is what causes carpets to look worn; especially in those high-traffic areas. The first thing to do is make sure you are vacuuming twice a week to pick up the dirt particles in those high-traffic areas. The other areas can be vacuumed weekly.
2. The next thing you will want to do is make sure your vacuum is at the right height. If it is set too high, it will not pick up the dirt properly. Likewise, if the height of the vacuum is set too low, it will just push the dirt further into the carpet. A way to know if you have the right height setting on your vacuum is to set it on the highest setting and turn it on. Lower it one setting at a time until you feel the vacuum “grab” your carpet.
3. Always, always, always make sure you have a clean filter, empty the dirt collection cup or replace the bag. These are all causes of vacuums losing their suction power. What is the point of doing chores if nothing gets clean…am I right? For the filters, remove them and don’t be afraid to wash and dry them every few months. The dirt cup should always be emptied and the connection to the hose should be checked for any blockage. If you have a vacuum with a bag, remember you should be replacing it once it feels ¾ of the way full for maximum suction.
4. Take your time. I know you cannot wait to get these darn household chores done but, rushing through the vacuuming will likely not produce the results you are looking for. The vacuum needs the opportunity to grab onto the fibers in the carpet and it can only do that if you are making slow passes back and forth. When you try and do quick passes, it literally passes over the dirt.
5. Think prevention. If you allow shoes to be worn in your home, which we would suggest you don’t for health and cleanliness reasons, try to prevent excessive dirt being brought in by using mats at the door. Get in the habit of wiping your feet as you enter your home. You can even purchase runner-type mats to place along entryways and other high-traffic areas.

These are all basic tips on prolonging the life of your carpet. When it comes to tough stains or excessive wear, it is good to call a professional carpet cleaning service to handle the job. Call A Kleener Image for a friendly estimate today! 440-785-1545