Commercial Carpet Cleaning

commercial carpet cleaning
At A Kleener Image, we do more than just residential carpet cleaning. We also specialize in Commercial Carpet Cleaning. We are proud to serve many commercial establishments throughout the Northeast Ohio area, including: restaurants, business offices, hotels, retail stores, factories, home offices and shops. It doesn’t stop at carpet cleaning either. We offer tile and grout cleaning, floor waxing and floor polishing. Here are a few reasons we are the trusted choice for commercial floor care in the area:

1. We cater to business hours. The last thing anybody wants is to be stepping over hoses while trying to shop or conduct their business. Believe us, we don’t like people in our way while we are working either! It is hard to get down and dirty with people in the way. We are happy to come on off hours to spend the time necessary to get your establishment’s floors in tiptop shape. This will also allow for drying time, which is an important part of the process.
2. We have a standard of excellence. At A Kleener Image, we like to say that we autograph our work with excellence. What does that mean for you? It means we are not satisfied until we have gone above and beyond the scope of the job. We want to impress you so we will become your preferred floor care specialists!
3. We are the perfect choice for any size job. It does not matter to us how big or small the job is; we are happy to make the trip to your business. Have us out to do a full service, deep down, thorough floor care cleaning, or have us out just to address a high-traffic problem area.
4. We are owner-operated. We can relate to other business owners and business managers. Our owner, Joe, takes his craft seriously and is passionate about providing excellence on all levels.
5. We are trustworthy. Again, we are owner-operated, which means this is more than just a job for us; this is our livelihood. You can be sure that integrity is of the utmost importance at A Kleener Image. This is also important when giving contractors access to your place of business, especially after hours.
6. We are budget-friendly. We know along with running a business, you also have to operate within a budget. We offer affordable floor care services full of value for every dollar. Be confident that your choice to use us was a great one! We provide a difference you can see.
7. We make a good first impression for you. Imagine your customers, guests and business affiliates walking into your place of business. How important is their first impression? Impress them with impeccably cared for floors!

We cannot wait to serve you at your business! If you haven’t experienced the Kleener Image difference, it is time you call us and speak with our friendly and experienced owner, Joe. We are happy to offer free quotes. Call today at 440-785-1545.