Floor Care in Hinckley Ohio

Hinckley Ohio is a nice little town which does not get a lot of attention (unless it is Buzzard time, of course). Unlike the cities within Medina County, Hinckley does not have the hustle and bustle we see in the other parts of the county. It’s laidback with undeveloped areas and natural gems; the perfect combination of suburban and country life. Here at A Kleener Image, we thought we would give a nod to our quiet Medina County friends who we have come to know through our carpet cleaning business next door in Brunswick. Here are 3 reasons why Hinckley residents are some of the best people to do business with:

They Are Nice – Hey, we hate to say it, but manners aren’t so commonplace these days. Courtesy feels almost like a thing of the past. But in Hinckley, the small town feel abounds and people still greet you as you pass on by. They have maintained a friendly culture and people still do business with people. We are always thrilled to get a call for a carpet cleaning quote from someone in Hinckley or get to do a tile and grout cleaning in Hinckley. Some of our best clients call Hinckley home!

They Are Smart – Our clients in Hinckley know the value of a dollar. They aren’t sold on the quick, cheap and easy. They value premium carpet cleaning services. They know the difference between hiring a big name like Stanley Steemer and hiring a locally-owned business like A Kleener Image. At A Kleener Image, we take great pride in the excellence of our work; always taking the time to not only do the job, but do the job well! We don’t leave without the homeowner or business owner giving us a thumbs up. When we are hired for a Hinckley carpet cleaning job, we do not just send out technicians working for a wage. We send out our owner operator to ensure quality work, which our customers appreciate.

They Are Supportive – From our humble beginnings to now, Hinckley residents and business owners have been great to us. The biggest compliment a small business owner can get is a referral from a satisfied customer. So when our clients send us business, we get really excited! That, combined with repeat business, is what helps us thrive and maintain our reputation as the best carpet cleaning company in the Medina County area. So, Hinckley, we thank you!

So there you have it; three of the reasons we love working with the great people of Hinckley. Doing business is always more rewarding when you get to do it with quality people. If you are a Hinckley resident in need of carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning or rug cleaning, give us a call for a friendly quote. We look forward to speaking with you!