How To Make Your Home Real Estate Ready

No, we have not traded in our rotating brush and fresh tank of water for a real estate license. However, being in the carpet cleaning and floor care maintenance business has given us a lot of experience doing jobs for people getting ready to sell their homes. When getting ready to list their homes, customers will call us up to come make their floors look top-notch for showings. Whether we are called to clean tile and grout or freshen up the carpets with a deep down carpet cleaning process, we’ve noticed 3 common ways sellers prepare their homes for listing. Let’s go through each one:

De-clutter and De-personalize – Guess what piles of stuff stacked on your countertops translates into for buyers? That’s right…”I don’t think this house has enough storage.” Make a good first impression by decluttering your home. Minimize everything! Clear off those countertops, pare down the knickknacks and organize those closets. Potential buyers look in those too! Show them the expansive storage and roominess in your house so they can envision themselves living there. While we are talking about envisioning themselves living there, it would be pretty hard for them to do so if they are looking at Susie’s artwork plastered all over the fridge or staring at last year’s family portrait over the fireplace. As much as it might pain you to take these things down, it really helps potential buyers see themselves living in your house.

Neutral Walls – Wall color takes command of a room. Any real estate agent will tell you; putting a fresh, neutral coat of paint over that current bold color is a good decision. Again it goes back to seeing themselves living there, and that is much easier to do with a common color.

Fresh and Clean Floors – I bet you knew this was coming; but it is true. Potential buyers want to know that the previous owners took care of the property. If they walk in and see traffic marks on the carpet and dirty tile and grout in the kitchen and baths, it will raise questions about the maintenance of the rest of the house. This is a simple and smart step in getting your house ready to list. The best part is making your floors look like new and you not having to lift a finger!

If you are getting ready to list your home for sale or your house has been sitting on the market, consider these tips (especially the last one!). Give us a call today to learn about our moving specials for carpet cleaning, vinyl floor cleaning and tile and grout line cleaning. We are waiting to give you a friendly quote.