6 Trendy Flooring Options for 2018


#1: Carpet Tiles  

There is a big boom in the variety of carpet options becoming more available and in fashion. A new, cool option is carpet tiles.

It may sound bizarre but it is simply the concept of, rather than having one, solid and uniform color to your carpet, you can get carpets that are composed of various repeated geometric shapes – kind of like a puzzle – with different colors and even textures (if you like) for each “tile” that makes up the whole carpet.

It looks far more interesting, modern and trendy. Warning: after you see one of these you might find traditional carpets boring!


#2: Recycled Carpets

Green pressure on industries keeps increasing and has forced carpet manufacturers to mass produced recycled carpets. They really look and feel like a normal carpet (or rug); the only exception is you can have a clearer conscience and impress people by mentioning that it is recycled.

Slightly more expensive but definitely worth it if you can afford that little extra.


#3: Cork Flooring

Again, it may sound strange if you haven’t seen one before, but they actually look very cool, original and creative. The techniques used to create these are varied. Some of them kind of look like a mash of wine corks while others more like a bulletin board.

That might not sound practical but the manufacturers know what they are doing. These floors are indeed durable, reliable and actually quite sleek. They feel great to walk on, too.

They are also a fantastic option for apartments as they have an inherent sound-insulating quality which will allow you to not worry about making noise for the neighbors downstairs.


#4: Bamboo Floors

We’re not talking about sliced-in-half bamboo trunks woven together as in Asian huts, but rather, quality pressed bamboo boards.

There are now a myriad of colors and tones to choose from (artificially colored), and they have a more natural feel than other wood options. A warm, cozy and natural ambiance is achieved with this flooring option.


#5: American Hardwood

This type of wood flooring has been around for a long time and is now witnessing a revival. Probably one of the cheapest and simplest options due to the lack of importation costs.

The look achieved is simply that cozy and classic cabin-style one.

It is extremely durable thanks to the extensive experience manufacturers and installers have with this option.


#6 Luxury Vinyl

Technology in this area has improved vastly, and therefore, it has becoming a much more appealing and trendy option. Luxury Vinyl also feels great to walk on and looks very sleek.

Basically, it’s a sophisticated, plastic, photo flooring, hence, the options of images are endless. You can even use the family photo! Most people will go for a wood or marble look, which is so realistic you’d have to get on your hands and knees to tell that it’s a photograph.

Bear in mind that while it’s a great option for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and fancy living and dining rooms, it’s not the coziest for a bedroom; but if cool-looking is what you’re after, it will also do for bedrooms!


2018 certainly holds many more trends in home decor but, hey, floors are our specialty! Remember to give A Kleener Image a call the next time you need your carpet or flooring cleaned at 440-785-1545!