Upholstery Cleaning Service

Feeling like your kids don’t share the same concern you have about your furniture?

..or your partner?


Our specialized upholstery tool creates a waterfall effect to clean the fabric without wetting your cushions


Our products are non-toxic, super effective, and safe for you and your family of children and pets


4-6 hours of dry time with our super suction truckmount, allowing you to get back to life sooner.


Backed by my 30 day promise to take care of you no matter what. Life happens, so even a new spot or spill only requires a phone call for us to come back and help you out.

Upholstery Cleaning Service

A Kleener Image is happy to be your local upholstery cleaner serving the Cleveland and Medina County Areas. Our professional upholstery cleaning is one of our specialties, as we have years of experience in our field. We love to bring life back to your investments with our state-of-the-art furniture cleaning process. We are not like other upholstery cleaners because we do more than just sofa cleaning. Let’s not forget mattress cleaning too!

  • Why is it important to have a professional couch cleaning?
    Think about this for a second. How many people sit on your couch and how often? How often do you eat on your couch? How often do you lay your head down on the couch? The answer is probably a bunch; that’s what a couch is for, right? Well, each time someone comes in contact with your couch, they leave behind oils in the couch fabric. Those oils are magnets for dirt particles. This can cause stains, odor and residue on your furniture that ordinary, store-bought cleaners cannot remedy.
  • How often should I have a couch cleaning?
    With any piece of furniture you use frequently, it is a good rule of thumb to have an upholstery cleaning service or couch cleaning service come out at least once a year. When you do not do a couch cushion cleaning on a consistent basis, build- up can occur. Each time a person sits down, they are essentially grinding the dirt further into the fabric fibers. This contributes to wear marks.
  • I’m nervous about getting my furniture wet. How does the upholstery cleaning process work?
    There is no need to worry; we are experts in furniture cleaning! Our process does not soak the cushions. Our upholstery brush system pulls the fabric away from the cushion to keep the water and cleaning solution where it is supposed to be. The process is also backed by powerful suction to remove the moisture.
  • Does upholstery cleaning work for mattresses?
    Absolutely! Much like cushion cleaning, the process uses suction to pull the mattress top up and away from the stuffing and cushioning inside. We spray, brush and suction the mattress leaving it fresh and like new.
  • Does having my upholstery cleaned help with allergies?                                                                           
    Yes! As we said previously, imagine all the action your furniture sees in even just one day. Now, imagine all of the oils it collects. Those oils then attract dirt, dust and germs. If you have allergies, specifically to dust mites, cleaning your upholstery will help remedy the situation.

    At A Kleener Image, we take pride in our work. If once we leave, you notice something we didn’t quite catch, we are happy to come back out free of charge. We are so confident in our upholstery cleaning service, we offer a 30 day warranty! Add this on to your grout cleaning for a totally clean home! If you have funky smelling furniture, a tired looking couch or suffer from allergies, we are your company to call. Get an estimate today by calling
    (440) 785-1545