Tile and Grout Cleaning

Let us put the fun back in tile and grout cleaning

Nobody wants to get on their hands and knees to clean grout lines only to see that the change was minimal at best. We make it easy with professional cleaning products and tools. Sealing your grout lines helps to prevent stains and makes it easier to clean.

Confused about which product to buy?

There is a much less painful way to clean your tile and grout


Our turbo tile and grout spinner uses water pressure,high heat, and vacuum recovery to blast away dirt and grime while leaving your floors dry and ready to live on immediately afterwards


Our products are non-toxic, super effective, and safe for you and your family of children and pets


4-6 hours of dry time with our super suction truckmount, allowing you to get back to life sooner.


Backed by my 30 day promise to take care of you no matter what. Life happens, so even a new spot or spill only requires a phone call for us to come back and help you out.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

One of the reasons we love what we do here at A Kleener Image is we get to surprise our clients. What do we mean? Often times we are called in to professionally clean carpets, upholstery, tile and grout, etc., and once we are done, the customer thinks it looks brand new (sometimes they forget what the original color even was!). Exceeding customer expectations is what we are all about, and it is no different when we are talking about our tile and grout cleaning services. We get many questions on this topic, so we put together a frequently asked questions list.

  • What is the best tile and grout cleaner?
    Obviously our answer is us! But we say that for good reason. Store bought cleaners just do not have the power to lift the dirt from ceramic tiles and dirty grout lines. In most cases, homeowners and business owners are simply just pushing the dirt around and further into the floor. Don’t waste your time and money on expensive, chemically-based cleaners when you can have the affordable option to have a professional tile and grout cleaning that thoroughly does the job.
  • Can you get out grout stains?
    Again, cleaning grout lines can seem pointless when you try and do it with your typical “miracle” product sold at the store. However, we have the commercial grade equipment to handle a strenuous job like grout whitening and grout cleaning. While we are on the subject, have you ever thought of sealing your kitchen grout?
  • What is grout sealing?
    Much like the idea of Scotchgard on furniture, grout sealant is a protectant that preserves your grout colors. Sealing grout keeps your grout lines looking clean and stain-free because dirt from traffic, and oils from feet and cooking, are unable to soak into the grout.
  • Does your tile and grout cleaning service include more than just kitchen tile and grout?
    Of course! Any place in your home that has tile and grout we would be happy help. That goes for bathroom grout, foyers, entryways, sunrooms and more.
  • How do I know if I need to re-grout or just have a professional cleaning done?
    We will always tell you to try our grout cleaning service first. Why? To re-grout tiling, it takes a lot of time, muscle and patience! First, you have to remove the existing grout. This is a huge job that is tedious and tiresome. Another problem with removing old grout is the possibility of harming the ceramic tile in the process. It must be handled by a skilled hand. Then, of course, there is laying in the new grout; which takes technique. If this sounds overwhelming, try getting a deep cleaning done by our professional team. Many times homeowners think their grout is a lost cause, when in reality, their store bought cleaning product is just not cutting it.

We look forward to serving you – and surprising you, with fresh and clean tile and grout! We are happy to provide you with a fast and friendly quote either on this or our kitchen floor cleaning service. Call today
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