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What Your Neighbors in Ohio Are Saying:

"Joe was very professional and got 3 areas (dining room, stairs and loft) done within about 90 minutes or so. The rooms look great and he offered suggestions for maintenance in addition to a 30 day warranty where he would come back out if we weren’t satisfied. Will definitely use again in the future."

g Review by Kirsten O., OH

Proud Carpet Cleaning Partners for Sherwin Williams Stores in North Royalton

Are you tired of seeing the same old stains in your carpets? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that those stains don’t have to stay forever.

At A Kleener Image, we have been serving the good folks in North Royalton for a few years now for their carpet cleaning. We are proud to have partnered with over 35 Sherwin Williams Stores for the past 12 years helping them to maintain their floors. In other words, you can trust us to help you feel proud of your floors and carpets too!

Safe For Your Family

We use non-toxic eco-friendly solutions that are safe for children, pets and the environment.

Local & Owner Operated

Our owner is on every job so you can rest assured you'll get high quality service every single time.

Dry In 4 - 6 Hours

You don't have to wait very long before you can enjoy your carpets again!

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What Your Neighbors in Ohio Are Saying:

"Great job! Our carpets are like new. Even our stairs. I will certainly continue to use their services!"

g Review by Karen K., OH

North Royalton Carpet Cleaning Services

Did you know that when you don’t have your carpets cleaned properly and leave the dirt and stains, it causes wear and tear and deep stains within your carpet? Think of it just like your clothes, you wouldn’t go years without cleaning your clothes — and the same is true for your carpets.

When dirt is allowed to remain on the fibers of your carpets, this changes its ability to refract light properly causing it to look a little dingier than the rest of your carpet. This is why it is important to have your carpets cleaned properly. At A Kleener Image, we don’t rush through any job — quality takes time and we don’t just want to give you mediocre results. Using eco-friendly cleaning solutions and professional equipment, we’ll bring a fluffiness back to your carpets that you didn’t think was possible.

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North Royalton carpet cleaning services

Our Tried & Tested 5-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

We start with our eco-friendly carpet cleaning prespray.
Next, we remove debris at the base of your carpet using our counter rotating brush machine.
Using a 4 inch wide detail tool, we will take care of detailing all of the edges around furniture and your baseboards.
Afterwards, we get out our truck-mounted softened hot water rotary extraction machine.
Your carpets are ready!

Our Additional Carpet Cleaning Treatments

Red wine spill on carpet

Carpet Protector

You can ask us about our green carpet protector for an extra layer of protection for your carpets. This is a great choice if your carpets are more than 5 years old and you are planning on keeping them for many more years to come!

fresh carpets after pet urine treatments

Pet Urine Treatments

If your pet has had an accident on your carpet, we can help your carpet to smell fresh again! We determine where the affected areas are and then either apply our neutralizing acid treatment or our enzyme treatment to effectively treat the areas. Then we use our special tool to rinse out the loosened urine particles.

Thyme oil treatment for carpets

Thyme Oil Treatment

This is a great option if you have just moved into a new home with already installed carpets and you wish to have a full reset. It is totally safe for your children, pets, and the environment too!

What Your Neighbors in Ohio Are Saying:

"Joe has cleaned our carpets twice now and each time has been exceptional! He really takes his time to make sure it looks flawless. Customer service is great as well. I will choose a Kleener image every time! Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed!"

Review by Justin M.,OH

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning is a laborious process at the best of times. Countless hours scrubbing away to have mediocre results don’t sound like the most interesting way to spend a Saturday. We’re going to let you in on a secret. Without the use of commercial grade equipment and a professional cleaning solution, it is going to be very difficult to get the desired outcome. Therefore, why don’t you enjoy your Saturday and pass this chore on to us?

At A Kleener Image, we don’t just clean your tile and grout, we can seal it too. Grout sealer protects contaminates from soaking into your grout lines so that your grout lines clean up easier. The sealer we use will normally last at least two years, but many times, it can last longer than that. When we come to your home, we can make the recommendation for grout sealer if we think you can benefit from it, but the choice is always yours. We’ll never sell you something you don’t need, we’ll just ensure your tiles are looking the best they can be when we’re finished.

Tile and grout cleaning in North Royalton

What Your Neighbors in Ohio Are Saying:

"AMAZING! Cleaned our carpets and our tile/grout and they look brand new. We are realtors and we will recommend them to everyone that needs to have their carpets cleaned!"

g Review by Suzanne L., OH

Effective Area Rug Cleaning

Your oriental and area rug cleaning service is an important service we offer here at A Kleener Image. Your rug will have a different cleaning process than standard carpet cleaning. This is to ensure it does not get damaged in the process and is properly taken care of.

Regular professional rug cleaning prevents dirt from being ground into your rug. This dirt causes wear and reduces the life of your rug. Your rug is a big investment and you want it to last years, even perhaps become an heirloom that is passed down throughout the family. Professional rug cleaning can help with that. A Kleener Image is proud to be your local, trusted rug cleaner in the North Royalton area.

Area rug cleaning project

What Your Neighbors in Ohio Are Saying:

"Very quick turnaround and great customer service. Did a great job on my area rug!"

Review by Vonda B., OH

Furniture Cleaning

How often do you sit or eat on your couch? How often do you lay your head down on the couch? The answer is probably quite a lot. And that’s what a couch is for, right? Well, did you know that each time someone comes in contact with your couch, they leave behind oils in the fabric? Those oils are magnets for dirt particles. This is what can cause stains, odor and residue on your furniture. But what you may not know is that often ordinary, store-bought cleaners cannot remedy this — but a professional cleaning can.

At A Kleener Image, you can count on us to give your upholstery a thorough and professional clean here in North Royalton. We only use green safe products while cleaning so that all soils are able to be loosened and flushed away with our low moisture cleaning tool. This also ensures that your furniture is safe and can be enjoyed by you, your children and furry friends.

Furniture cleaning in North Royalton

What Your Neighbors in Ohio Are Saying:

"Joe is great! Texts when he is on his way, shows up on time and gets the job done! We have used A Kleener Image in the past to clean furniture that our old cat had soiled. He went above and beyond to get the smell out of the furniture. Called him again to clean the same furniture that we were able to keep! Would recommend for your furniture and carpet cleaning."

g Review by Dianna C.,OH

North Royalton VTC Care

Your VCT Floor is likely to be one of the most high-traffic areas in your establishment or facility, it’s important that it is taken care of. At A Kleener Image, we have been cleaning and taking care of VCT floors for over 35 Sherwin Williams Stores for over 12 years now. Here is how we can help you:

Stripping & Waxing: We do this if the old floor finish has either been wore down from insufficient top scrubs or that much dirt has become embedded in the finish from improper floor maintenance. This consists of using a stripper solution to emulsify the old finish from the tile, a powered low rpm buffer or a propane stripper to help remove the finish, neutralizing the floor with cold water to seal the pores. Finally, we lay down at least 4 coats of premium floor finish.

Top Scrub: This should be performed at least once a quarter, depending on the foot traffic at your facility. This process uses a light cleaner with a special pad to remove the top layer of dirt from the floor finish. We then mop clean water on to close the pores of the tile and then new premium floor finish is applied. It will look like you have a new looking floor all year. We normally apply at least four coats so if the dirt is trapped in the first two layers that are removed — the bottom two layers never have to be stripped. This saves you money too!

North Royalton VCT Care

Kitchen Floor Cleaning

It’s one thing to make your floor look clean, but it’s another to ensure it is properly clean. Removing dirt often isn’t the problem with your kitchen floor, it's extracting the dirt that can be difficult. But if you don’t extract your dirt with a professional machine, the dirt is only just being moved around your floor and scrubbing it can actually dull the shine. But all hope is not lost!

You can contact us at A Kleener Image to provide you with professional floor cleaning for your laminate, linoleum, vinyl floor or commercial floor — and we’ll properly extract the dirt. We’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the results.

North Royalton carpet cleaning

What Your Neighbors in Ohio Are Saying:

"Joe did an incredible job. The process couldn’t be easier and he was in and out with a job well done. Highly recommend this company."

g Review by Kevin S.,OH
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A Message From The Owners At A Kleener Image

When I think about how we have received over 300 5 star reviews on google alone, there are 3 things in particular that are part of a very simple equation for delighted customers.

Ethics, Customer Service, and our Equipment.

We quote a price over the phone that never goes above that when we get there so there aren’t any sales tactics being used to pressure people into buying things they don’t need. We have a 30 day warranty that covers even new spots and spills... no questions asked. We run different equipment to get different results than any other company in the area. With our green cleaning solutions, to our brush machine that provides incredible agitation for more soil separation, to our rotary extractor that removes more soil at a deeper level and leaves the carpets drier. We have the perfect combination that will leave you thrilled with the results.